Established in 1955, Shinkong Textile is a top-tier supplier of high-performance textiles, partnering with iconic global brands to produce exceptional value-added products. We recognize our responsibility in preserving the future of our planet and are driven to take a leading role in sustainable textile innovation. Our focus is on creating eco-responsible fabrics that tackle the pressing environmental issues of our time. Ultimately, we strive to be the world's foremost destination for cutting-edge, eco-conscious, high-performance textile solutions.

We are trendsetters

Innovation runs deep in our DNA, and we constantly strive to set trends by exploring new materials and techniques. Focusing on functional fabrics, we specialize in creating elegant, unique, and high-quality textiles that enrich every aspect of daily life, prioritizing the comfort and well-being of the end users. Our obsession with pushing boundaries is fueled by a dedicated R&D team that has been honored with multiple industry recognitions, including those from WGSN, Premiere Vision Paris, and Performance Days.

We are eco-conscious

In response to the growing recognition of the fashion industry's ecological footprint, we have been creating environmentally responsible products that counteract issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of non-renewable resources, waste, pollution, and destruction of biodiversity. Our efforts aim to contribute towards addressing the pressing environmental challenges of today and shaping a sustainable fashion industry for tomorrow. In short, we are committed to being eco-conscious.

We are customer-centric

At Shinkong, we prioritize our customers in the constantly changing fashion landscape, going above and beyond to exceed expectations and foster enduring relationships. Our dedication lies in delivering timely and pertinent textile solutions to our brand partners. We strive to be a valuable component of your overall strategy, assisting in everything from pricing and quality to product development and delivery, as well as on-demand R&D and post-sale services. Ultimately, our focus remains customer-centric.

We are technology-driven

Shinkong has been at the forefront of adopting advanced textile technology to bring innovative products to market. Our focus spans from fiber to yarn to fabric, encompassing elements such as moisture control, thermal comfort, kinetic enhancement, and weather resistance, as well as incorporating recycled and bio-based materials and circular product design. We continuously seek out the latest technological advancements to produce technical textiles that provide added value. In essence, we are driven by technology.